Understanding When You Need To Hire A Plumber Instead Of Fixing Your Own Plumbing Problems

In the age of the internet, those who like to be self-reliant are attempting to do more and more things as do-it-yourself projects. This can be putting up a new deck, doing a small roof repair, or taking on plumbing problems. It’s important that a homeowner understands that there is a difference between a do-it-yourself project and performing needed repairs on the plumbing. Here we’ll take a look at when you need to hire a plumber instead of fixing your own plumbing problems.

What Is The Difference Between A Project Suitable For Doing Oneself And A Repair?

A do-it-yourself project is typically something that would be done one time. If you’re a handy person and you want to replace the faucet with a new one, this might be something that you could easily do yourself. If you have a small leak and you find that it’s simply the washer has worn out, then certainly that’s something you can pick up at the hardware store and easily replace yourself. Whenever it is a basic project then it may be suitable for a DYI job.

A repair is needed when some problem has arisen with the plumbing and it needs to be fixed. In this type of situation, you’ll want the highest quality work done that is possible. If you fix it and it’s not professionally done it’s highly likely to break again. This could cause even bigger problems. If the pipe burst or if you have a leak and you tried replacing the washer or the aerator and it continues to leak, then it’s something you should have seen by a professional plumber.

Reasons Why Repairs Need To Be Done By A Plumber

1. Experience

Professionals have experienced that will make a big difference when it comes to doing plumbing repairs. Simply watching a tutorial on YouTube and then trying to do what you just watched may lead to more problems than it fixes. One reason for this is that these videos often only show the bare basics of what needs to be done. A professional plumber often has insights as well as other experiences that allow them to do the repair correctly.

2. Incorrect Diagnosis

It’s extremely easy for someone without experience to make an incorrect diagnosis. If the sink is stopped up then you automatically think that the drain is clogged. That might be the case but it could actually be something more. If you’re trying to fix the problem yourself then you could go to the store for some drain cleaner to clear out what is blocking it. Even if you do this you may find it continues to be stopped up and then it develops a bad odor. This may be caused by the sewage backing up into the system which is serious and should be addressed by a plumber.

3. Lack Of Proper Tools

Most homeowners don’t have some of the specialized plumbing tools needed in order to do a repair job. There are all kinds of tools that plumbers use that are not common and the average person won’t have them. A lack of these tools makes it extremely difficult in order to do a repair job. Often you risk doing more damage by simply trying to do it without the correct tools.